Alternatives to birthday cakes

alternatives to birthday cakes

cake alternatives - Even though cake is the standard dessert people serve when celebrating birthdays, it can be nice to switch things up with.
For all of you non-conformists out there who like to shake things up a little, check out these incredible, creative birthday cake alternatives that.
Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong by choosing one of these 5 healthy alternatives to birthday cake and upgrading your birthday. We're all for birthday indulgences, but sometimes throwing caution (and nutrition) to the wind doesn't make for the happiest of birthdays.
No one loves a good old-fashioned birthday cake more than we do, but after years of planning birthday bashes for your kids, why not switch.
Unfortunately when we think of cake alternatives — especially of the birthday cake variety — most of us automatically revert to pie. And while.

Alternatives to birthday cakes - wishes, and

Healthy Brownie Bites : Who needs cake pops when you can have these simple, fudgey, real food bites? Secret Healthy Double-Chocolate Paleo-Friendly Cupcakes : We love secretly healthy things, and these cupcakes are no exception.


Healthy Birthday Cake Alternatives For Adults